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Welcome to Accident Cameras
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Rearview at its best!
AC-RV988 - Full HD 1080P Rearview Mirror Camera, with WDR technology.
£135.00 (RRP: 205.00)
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AC-F90 Dual HD Dash Cam with Rear Camera
£89.00 (RRP: 170.00)
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AC-G1W Full HD with WDR Lens
If you’re looking for an affordable high definition dashboard camera then look no further.
£42.50 (RRP: 49.99)

Accident Cameras - The Home of In Car Cameras, Dashboard Cameras and Bike Cameras in the UK

Welcome to Accident Cameras. We stock a wide range of In Car Cameras and Bike Cameras/Helmet Cameras to keep you safe on the road. In the event of an accident, the cameras can provide crucial evidence to settle disputes and protect you from fraudulent claims.

Here, at Accident Cameras, we offer prominent brands, such as RoadHawk, Mio, BlackVue, WinyCam, in addition to our own unique camera range. All our cameras come with a minimum of one year’s warranty and our renowned aftercare service; you will find someone always on hand to help you, should you encounter any difficulties or just need some advice on setting your new camera up.

For those of you who are new to dash cams and in car cameras, these small cameras are easily fitted to your dashboard/windshield or bicycle/helmet to provide continuous video footage. The video evidence of you and your surroundings is recorded throughout your journey so you can feel safe and secure.

A few benefits to using a Dash Cam or Bike Cam?

  • Keep you safe on the road - these cameras have been shown to modify driving behaviour
  • Provides evidence to exonerate the driver in the event of a non-fault accident
  • Can save you up to 15% on your insurance premium with some insurers
  • Protect your no claims discount
  • Protect yourself against "Bump and Run" parking accidents
  • Protect yourself against "Crash for Cash" scams

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